Experience in the field of Kathak

  • Travelled and performed internationally throughout his dance career – in U.K. (several performances in 2005, 2004 and 2003); Germany and Austria (Lecture demonstration tour for Sivananda Yoga Centre in 2004); France (2003); North Korea (2000); China (1996); Spain and Italy (Madrid and Venice: Performance at Indian High Commission- duet with leading Flamenco dancers in 1992′) and South Africa.
  • Since 2000 I held the position of Senior Dancer at the Production Unit of Kathak Kendra, New Delhi. Mar 2001 – performed at the renowned Khajurao Dance Festival with his troupe.
  • Actively associated with ‘Drishtikon Dance Foundation Delhi‘ headed by Ms Aditi Mangaldas, over a long period. During this time I played a key role in the production and presentation of various compositions by Ms Aditi Mangaldas,staged on prestigious occasions such as Graviera Mr India 1998, Mr International 1998, Femina Ms India 1995 & 1998 and Zee Millennium Concert 2002, which were televised internationally. Also performed for Prime Minister and Presidoot of India to commemorate 50 years of Independence in 1997.
  • Performed in many dance ballets choreographed by Kathak maestro Birju Maharaj ji during the period 1988-2000, including ‘Roopmati Baz Bahadur’ performed at Kamani auditorium, Siri Fort, Katha Raghu Nathki, Krismna Autar and Holi Dhoarn Machori.

Solo Recitals

Solo Recitals at Major Dance Festivals of India

  • Gantantra Mahotsav Gauhati, (Sangeet Natak Academy)
  • Bharat Bhavan Bhopal (NCCZ Yuva Mahotsav) (Sahitya Kala Parishad)
  • India International Centre Delhi (1999)
  • Nagpur University (All India University Association)
  • Horizon, (Indian Council for Cultural Relations – 1999)
  • ‘Sarachandrika’, and ‘Kathak Utsav’, organised by esteemed dance
  • Institution, Kathak Kendra Vasantotsav – organised by Kala Ashram.
  • HCL concert at World Habitat Center, collaboration with SAM Organization

Teaching Experience

2001 to Present Present Full time teacher of Kathak at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London – the UK’s oldest and most renowned institute of Indian Culture. As a successful teacher, he prepares senior students to the highest standard for the “Rang Manch Pravesh” (1st debut performance). His invited guests include renowned artists like Pandit Birju Mahaaraj, Urmila Nagar, Dr. Kumkum Dhar and Acharya Gokul to name a few.
2010 to Present Present Visiting teacher at Shankara Dance Academy, California, USA.
1997 to 2000 Head of Dance department and teacher at Lovely Public School, New Delhi.
1995 to 2000 Visiting faculty at Pushpanjali Sangeet Vidyalaya, Ghaziabad


Conducted many short dance workshops in various institutions, including workshops at Bharatiya Kala Kendra (Delhi), Sriram School (Gurgaon), Sawn Public School (Delhi) and Shankara Dance Academy (Los Angeles, USA).

Sept to Nov 2012 Two Circles of Tour of Mukund Mala. 1st time Bharat Natyam Department & Kathak Department worked together. Concept derived by Dr. Nand Kumar. 8 full house performances in and around UK.
August 2012 Performed in Delhi organized by SAM. 2nd performance of SAGAR MP organized by Shruti Mishra.
May 2012 An Evening of Kathak Dance. Unique solo recital with rare composition and live music from various Gharanas. Highlight of the evening included Abhay Shankar Mishra’s work for over 20 years as a Kathak artist. Successful performance and sold out show of Kathak.
March 2012 Aagaami Performance. Aagaami means “the future”. Bhavan’s young dancers were on display, showcasing the future of Indian performing art. Abhay Shankar Mishra choreographed and performed alongside senior students.
February 2012 Inspirational Evening of Kathak Dance. Performed solo 1st half and thrilled the audience with his captive and energetic dance. Joined by students of Shankara Dance Academy, performed both traditional & modern aspects.
March 2011 Krishna Kavya. Choreographed by Krishna Kavya. Story based on Krishna life. Performed by Bhavan student.
February 2011 UK Gharana/Dance Theatre The Making of Karan. Teaching Karan’s life in today’s day and age. Mentored by Shobana Jaysingh.
June 2010 NAAD Festival of Kathak Dance. Performed at 2 day Kathak Festival by NAAD – “Keeping Alive the Tradition”. This unique even focused on pure classical traditions, featuring the finest U.K. based Kathak artists on one platform.
March 2010 Colours of Kathak. The dance production Colours of Kathak, Abhay Shankar Mishra, used his creativity and skills to integrate the full range of the Kathak repertoire, from the traditional to the more contemporary fusion numbers with spectacular group choreography.
October 2009 2nd International Kathak Festival. Kathak dancers from India, USA, Canada and England converged at the Internationl house, University of Chicago for interaction, lecture demonstrations, workshops and performance. This was a rare opportunity to witness the renowned Kathak dancers from all over the world with Abhay Shankar Mishra on one platform.
August 2009 HCL Series. Abhay Shankar Mishra performed HCL Series in Delhi India where he also took some of his senior students from abroad (UK & USA) and as a thinking teacher gave opportunity to perform on the Indian Stage.
March 2009 Kathak Avartan was unique presentation under the artistic direction of Abhay Shankar Mishra. It showcased a kaleidoscope of golden items over past seven years along with some new refreshing items. Participated by 50 students and had coverage by Zee TV.
March 2008 to May 2008 “Kathak Vistaar” a tour of performances involved spreading and stretching of the unique North Indian Classical dance and showing its capacity as a solo, duet and group choreography, taking to a wider audience of the UK. A successful tour accompanied with live music from high caliber musicians. It was well acclaimed by newspapers.
March 2007 Workshop and Performance at the Destination Travel Show in Birmingham, organised by Akademi, along with his wife Kakoli Shankar Mishra
Feb 2007 Choreographed and performed as leading dancer in ballet Dashavtar at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan London Centre, well attended two performances, TV coverage by Zee TV, Deepam TV and Asian Net etc..
Aug 2006 Performed along with Kakoli Shankar Mishra at Shree Satya Sai International Center in Delhi, organised by Sumadhur Hamsadhwani
April-May 2006 Principal dancer in West End Production of Gopi Warrier’sThe Tenth Incarnation (at the Courtyard Theatre, Covent Garden) – A dance & theatre collaboration based on poetry and kathak, presented in an innovative format.
April 2006 Performed Shiv Tandav Stotram at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank in memory of tabla legend Ustad Allarakha organized by ‘Darpan”.
Sept 2005 Choreographed and performed (alongside dance partner Kakoli Shankar Mishra) a Kathak recital at The Kamani Auditorium in New Delhi in presence of his Guru Pandit Birju Maharaj ji, received excellent reviews in national press.
June 2005 “Prarambh” a performance based on concept of the human body adapting Kathak dance movements and evolving into a professional dancer.Visualised, choreographed and performed with Kakoli Shankar Mishra at London Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London.
April 2005 Choreographed 2 Kathak pieces, performed by his students for His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales Prince Charles, & Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Mountbatten-Windsor, at London’s Bhavan Centre.
Feb 2005 Kathak Kathak Ki – A ballet of 50 students depicting the history of Kathak through the different eras into present time. Performed at the London Bhavan Centre with extensive media coverage in newspapers, radio and on TV.
March 2003 Performance in Equilibrium at the Purcell Room, Royal Festival Hall, London, with Bharat Natyam dancer Nina Rajrani, showing the collaboration of these two artforms.
March 2001 Performed and choreographed two dance items at prestigious Khajuraho Dance Festival.The first a traditional Kathak recital. The second part incorporated trio based choreography on the “warrior spirit” based on the poem written by Bhushan (Yudhang) and Padmakar (Basant)2001.Performed a lead role in Samvedha at the Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi where he portrayed the role of a Lonesome King who reminised about his joyful days in his kingdom.
1998-1999 Fellowship from Government of India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development for 2 years of research into 3 main Gharanas of Kathak.Performed for Prime Minister and President of India to commemorate 50 years of
1997 Performed in dance troup with Drishtikon Dance Foundation celebrating the completion of fifty years of India’s Independence at the RAJPATH, New Delhi in presence of Prime Minister and President of India, telecasted worldwide.
Nov 2003 Performed at the Bhavan Centre, London, UK, a performance demonstrating the interrelationship between yoga and Kathak Dance ; highlighting the balance, fitness, mind spirituality and connection between the two.
1998 A performance based on seasons. It focused on the mood of dancers thru the changing seasons.
1996 – Vrikhsa Vyathaa Was a short ballet on the green revolution – The performance by students of Sawan Public School, New Delhi ; showing the need of a green planet for the betterment of mankind.
1988 Performed at 7th Uva Mahotsav, organised by Sahitdya Kala Parishad


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