Kakoli Shankar Mishra

A dedicated kathak exponent, Kakoli has mastered kathak with perfection and grace. She is critically acclaimed and renowned for her sensitivity with Abhinaya.Kakoli received her training under the legendary Kathak maestro Padma Vibhushan Pundit Birju Maharaj of Lucknow gharana and Smt. Geetanjali lal of Jaipur gharana . Her talents and potential as a kathak artist were sharpened and polished by her gurus transforming her into a mesmerising performer.To her credit, Kakoli has given numerous performences in the all over India and UK, and has also performed all over the world in countries such as Germany,France,Belgium,etc.
A dedicated teacher of kathak, Kakoli has also got a Sangeet Bivakar degree in Classical Vocal Music. Her grace,rhythm,and versatility are evident in her performence.

She is continuing her work in London as a Freelance Performer, teacher,and cheoreographer. She has been working with “ULE” (University of East London) as a guest lecturer of dance and as a Rasidence dance teacher of glasgow. Currently she is working as kathak teacher at Harrow Art Center with pt. Ram Sahai Sangit Vidyalaya and Vestry Hall Mitcham with South London Music and Culture group.

Kakoli has had the privilege and the honour to perform at various prestigious venues such as The Mayor of london’s arts festival and in presence of dignitaries,including Queen Elezabeth, Prince Charles,Lady Camilla Parker,etc. She has been honoured with “NRITYA BHUSHAN SANMAN” from Society of Action through Music.

The festivals where she performed :
The Mayor of London’s Olympic Culture Festival, Commonwealth Games Baton Ray, Trafalgar Square Festival, Belfast Festival, & Art in Action Festival.




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